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Timber Series: But This is Me Now Original Watercolor Painting

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"But This is Me Now"

Her arms are crossed and her hair blows in the wind. This is about defiance.  It's also about defiance when it might mean solitude. It's also about enduring the weather of solitude. But it's also about the hope that Spring brings. And we hope that Spring arrives soon to drive away the Winter of our solitude and bring some new things into our lives. We know intuitively that the Spring can't come without us passing through this Winter first. Is this you on the brink of hope?

This is a watercolor painting on heavy, high quality watercolor paper.

It measures approximately 8"x10" with a white border for matting and framing.

I live in eastern Canada. I'm fascinated by the complex but minimal simplicity of the geography that surrounds me. I endeavor to capture its essence in my work. There is something mystical, contemplative, and spiritual in my art... because there is in the place where I live.

Not matted and framed. I suggest white double matte with a black frame.

Each original comes with a letter of authenticity

I retain the copyright to all my images.