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Women and the Resurrection Print

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If you read the gospels with open eyes you can see that the women in Jesus' life played a major role, including being the first to witness his resurrection and report it. So why don’t women get the credit and limelight they deserve?

This cartoon illustrates something I’m super passionate about: feminism in religion. As this scene suggests, the early church became increasingly patriarchal as power became an important issue. The Christian religion is, like most, predominantly governed by men who promote subservience. I like to draw harmless cartoons about the topic to offend or disrupt the patriarchy and the fragile male egos that support it. Power to all women! Long may you rise and shine… in religious circles and beyond!

Give this to a powerful woman, or buy it for yourself to celebrate and remind yourself of your God-given feminine awesomeness.  

Print Details

• Available in a range of sizes
• Not matted or framed
• Shipped safely to you in a postal tube
• High-quality Giclée-style print
• Paper: 189 GSM weight and 10.3 mil thickness