Why Deconstruction Doesn't Require Reconstruction

I talk a lot about deconstruction of faith.

What is deconstruction? It may be a significant change of long-held beliefs, perhaps leaving the church, and can even culminate in the loss of faith. It’s called "deconstruction" because of the demolition, erosion, and breakdown of beliefs.

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Often I'm instructed that one shouldn't just deconstruct. One should reconstruct after the deconstruction. 

I've always disagreed with this. Why? Because a key element in deconstruction is the discarding of labels, of being pigeon-holed and categorized. 

You have to believe something! they say. I reply,Why?

I now claim deconstruction IS reconstruction.

Why declutter only to reclutter with new clutter?
Why discard labels only to paste on new ones?
Why jump from one frying pan of belief into another?

For me, I've discovered a very rich, deep, and satisfying life beyond belief

Take, for example, a belief in God. What is beyond that word "God"? What is beyond that belief? What is beyond the thought?

Did you know that you can live there with complete peace of mind? 

I'm very comfortable without a label, without falling into a category, without defining myself.

This is not to say others are comfortable with it. But that's their problem, their need to label me, figure me out, know where to put me.

So, this life beyond belief‚ free of clutter‚ the simplicity of it‚ the profound joy of it‚ the tranquility of it‚ this deconstruction down to the essential real‚

why would I want to spoil that with some kind of reconstruction?

This freedom, peace of mind, and joyful simplicity, cannot be improved upon.

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