Will You Ever Feel Alive Again after Leaving the Church?

There are two religious deconstructions: theological and ecclesiological. The first is mostly your thinking. You deconstruct from beliefs. The second is mostly social. You deconstruct from church. By the time I left the ministry in 2010 I had already deconstructed theologically to the point where I was at perfect peace in my mind. I still enjoy that peace of mind to this day. But, when I left the church in 2010, it took me years to deconstruct from it. At first I thought I was at peace. It felt good. But then after about a year I realized I felt good because I wasn't feeling anything! I was numb. Frozen! Shut down! This is how I coped. Lisa and I really did despair at times wondering if we would ever feel normal. We didn't even know what normal felt like, we'd been in the church so long. We wondered if we'd every feel alive again. Or, rather, if we'd ever feel alive probably for the first time. We were scared. That was a tough patch. But we made it. And I can testify that there is life after church!  We found it and so can you. Want to know what will make it easier for you? Join The Lasting Supper. It will speed up the process. It works. Join us HERE.
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