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Description: Jesus points his finger out and says to his disciples, "Now get out there and don't stop until every last person praises me and me only!" I'll just leave this here.

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Description: A man gives a small question mark to God and says, "I want to exchange this for an answer." In the next frame God hands him back a bigger question mark. He says, "Gee, thanks!" This is how wisdom happens.

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A man says, “Are you born again?” A woman replies, “I’m deconstructing. Does that count?”  WHY I STILL LIKE THE IDEA OF BEING BORN AGAIN I hated the term “born again” because it meant a magical conversion to strict beliefs and purity culture.  So I avoided it.  But I used it yesterday.  I was talking with someone going through a spiritual crisis where he feels like he’s starting all over again. He’s lived his life a certain way thinking everything’s fine when all of a sudden a spiritual crisis occurs and he’s thrust into a new way of living. It’s...

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