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Cartoon Description: A man is in a cage he can walk out of. A woman says, “You do realize you could just walk out of there!” He says, “What makes you think I want to?” HOW TO WALK INTO YOUR FREEDOM  I claim we are already free but most of us don’t know it.  One of the biggest lessons I learned was that when I feel trapped it’s because I’m afraid to live my freedom.  One day I went to bed depressed and hopeless about my future. I felt trapped for the rest of my life. But that night I...

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A happy Jesus marches with a flag that says "Happy Juneteenth!" with broken chains. Happy Juneteenth everyone! Freedom. Always.l

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Description: A woman joyfully dances outside a cage while a man inside the cage angrily says, "I find your freedom offensive!" WHEN YOU OFFEND PEOPLE WITH YOUR FREEDOM When you're free you can't be controlled. Some people want to control you to use you.Others want to control you because they care for you. To break away and become free and independent will freak both of them out. But you must do it if you want to experience true joy. Are you free? I believe you are. What's holding you back from living free? It could be your fear of offending...

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